ClassicEthiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine is one of the greatest culinaries in the world.  The elegant, colorful, savoury  cuisineof Ethiopian cuisine is unmatched in taste and presentations.  In this class you will cover the foundation of Ethioipian cuisine, vegetable and meat dishes.  You will be guided as you learn about the Ethioipian food prparation methods, the ingridients that goes into the food,and the ancient techniques that make the the cuisine.  In this class you will learn how to prepare the fundemental and traditional Ethiopian meals:


Misir, lentil in hot spicy sauce
Alecha Atakelt, mixed vegetables sauce
Sega Wot
, minced beef in mild sauce
Doro Wot, chicken in spicy

Class Description

Students will develop a foundation for all Ethiopian culinary cooking. We will teach proper handling of ingridients, and how to make homemade classic  sauces, which form the base for the many gourmet dishes of Ethiopia.   These sauces will then be used to make some traditional dishes, and students can nibble on the dishes by dipping Injera. Click Here For More...

Class Price: $50 (per person)
Class Meeting Date: Saturdays
Class Meeting Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Instructor(s):  Dagmawit Bekele

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